Launched in 2016, the Kissimmee Medical Arts District lies in the very heart of the City, serving as a massive hub for health care related businesses. Our community had already benefitted from the availability of health care options from local doctors, specialist, and two major hospitals located within a mile and a half of each other – Florida Hospital Kissimmee and Osceola Regional Medical Center – but the City wanted to further enhance the area.

The goal of the Kissimmee Medical Arts District is to leverage the immense growth and create a hub of health care related companies in our City, and the timing of the District’s creation coincided with the more than $200 million investment made by Florida Hospital Kissimmee and Osceola Regional Medical Center to their campuses over the past few years.


How does the Kissimmee Medical Arts District work? One of the main advantages is that it allows Qualified Targeted Industries to take advantage of five additional economic incentives above the typical incentives made available by the City.


The goal is to attract new medical businesses, which brings valuable and higher paying jobs to our community while increasing the availability of service and care to residents. Since the inception of the Kissimmee Medical Arts District, 12 new medical companies have opened their doors, bringing the number of medical jobs in the City of Kissimmee to over 4,000. That number not only represents the amount of quality job opportunities for our residents, but it also indicates the impressive medical coverage that our community has. In fact, the City of Kissimmee is currently home to the third largest medical cluster in Central Florida.


Economic development is always a work in progress, and we believe the Kissimmee Medical Arts District has already been a tremendous success for the City of Kissimmee.


New businesses have opened, more jobs have become available, and increased investment in the medical industry has benefitted our community. We believe these numbers will continue to rise as more companies take advantage of the opportunities the Kissimmee Medical Arts District provides.


If you’d like more information on opening your business within the City of Kissimmee, as well as whether your company is a Qualified Targeted Industry, contact us.